Given to me by Rollins son features Rafferty and Rollins


Mrs Ivy Dobbins ( nee Rafferty) the daughter and family members.

Mr C B Rollins Royal Warwickshire Regiment. … ( photograph on right given to me by Mr C B  Rollins son of S Rollins.) Thomas in centre with drum, S Rollins far left in white shirt he has been identified with a cross on his shoulder. No date for this photo given. Apparently they called the band’s conductor ‘the Blue Flash’. The Royal School of Military music could not give me any information on the Warwickshire Band. In 1994 I visited Mt Cyril Rollins.



Manchester library dept

London British library

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum ( Royal Warwickshire).

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Bob Houghton cartoonist 1992


Warwickshire Regiment by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford

Cartoonists at War by Bel Bailey ( local history )

Bullets and Billets, by Bruce Bairnsfather

The Royal Warwickshire Regiment ,by Colonel C  J Hart

The Great War Medal Collectors, by H Williamson 2011

With thanks to:-

Dr B Bushaway, military historian

Bill Harriman expert on arms and military collectibles

Many thanks to these 2  recent articles on my research on the real Old Bill.:—-

Carl Chinn’s  BRUMMAGEN magazine issue no 176, November 2015……Birmingham’s Old Bill: Thomas Henry Rafferty

The Sunday Times edition  22nd November 2015.  ‘oid on, that’s Uncle Tom in that ole’







Wish to remember  two soldiers of WW2 of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment Mr F R Belcher and Mr C B Rollins.