Warwicks in Rabbit Hole in Trenches ww1 001

Happy Group of Warwicks ! Picture World

Here is a picture of a ”rabbit hole in a British trench, sent  by Private G. Roberts, 1st Royal Warwicks, to Miss G. Turner , Heneage street, Birmingham. left to right : ”Little Babe” Roberts; ”Darkey”  Revill, ”the coke carrier”;  Lapham  ”the fire lighter” ; Biddulph, ”the stoker”; Rawlins, ”the chef”; and Tom Rafferty;” the Black Hand Commander.” ( This was published in the paper showing the photograph and description)’. I have a copy!,    The Picture World, Friday 16th April 1915 …HAPPY GROUP OF WARWICKS IN A ”RABBIT HOLE” IN THE TRENCHES.))

Picture below.:-

On St Patrick’s day Private Roberts went to Mass and the priest gave him a medallion for luck, of which above is a reproduction.